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We have an extensive range of flowers to work with here at EntheoBotanica. Flower essences are vibrational medicine, capturing a very refined and subtle quality of a plant in bloom. The aim is to not interfere with the plant by involving the hand of man wherever possible, to establish a very distilled message. For this reason, they are sensitive in how they are treated, stored, and utilised. Our essences are held in pure water, after penetrating through sun lit crystal glass. This offers a higher refractory rate than standard glass. We like to use local spring water from the Sunshine Coast for our range to soak in, preserved in a small amount of pure ethanol. We purify the water with clearing stones & salt, and store them in natural fabrics away from EMFs, and frequencies that are known to not be conducive to health.  

We work with....

+ our own EntheoBotanica Entheogenic Flower Essences

+ the Australian Bush Flower Essence Range

After a consultation, a unique selection of flower essences can be blended together into a dropper bottle. The dosing on flower essences is low, and repetitive. We sometimes even incorporate the essences in your herbal tincture formula. We have found that when working with the multiple layers of dis-ease, stuckness and healing, that flower essences can penetrate the emotional & energetic body where a tincture can work better for the physical body.

Here's a sneaky look at our flower dispensary

If you are a local herbalist or naturopath we can fill your herbal prescriptions. Our dispensary is based in Coolum and stocked with organic & fresh flower essences. Please email us.


ɛnθiːəʊbətɑnɪkə::ENTHEOGENIC RANGE

We have created our own range of entheogenic flower essences. These master plant teachers have been met from around the globe, and extracted into a vibrational essence, a dilution of the pure and potent energy of the flowering sexual organs of the plant. We have focused on the rare, misunderstood, and loved neurognostic plant teachers. You can find the range in our shop, and wholesalers are welcome to contact to stock our products.



EntheoBotanica proudly stocks the full range from The Australian Bushflower Essences. The bushflower essences can aid in connecting you in with the landscape here in Australian and our unique flora. They are also used in the treatment of energetic and emotional perturbations. Please contact us via our contact form to inquire about the Bushflower range. 

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