Acacia Obtusifolia Seed (SEQ) || Blunt Leaf Wattle

Acacia Obtusifolia Seed (SEQ) || Blunt Leaf Wattle


Acacia obtusifolia is an Australian native found primarily along the South-East coast of Australia. This plant tends to grow along rocky ridges of the forest margin and flowers in the summer. Obtusifolia reportedly contains the indole alkaloids N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT) & N-methyltrypamine (NMT), alkaloids derived from L-tryptophan and found endogenously in many plants & animals including the mammalian brain. Whilst extremely varible reports claim up to 0.6% in the bark & 0.2% in the phylloid. Along with other alkaloids and constituents, obtusifolia is a powerful plant teacher with a suggested history of use throughout Indigenous Australia. Acacias in general were important food, medicine and material for Australia's First Nations people. It's population is considered under threat due to overharvesting and land clearing.

This South East QLD collected seed is genetically quite different from the southern Australian varieties.

Approximately 10 seeds per packet.
Seed for sale is not from the exact plant pictured, but similar.
Please note that there is no guarantees with seed germination. It's best to research the plant’s needs & any specific techniques before hand.


Disclaimer: This is not an image of the actual seed, each seed packet will differ from this stock seed image.


    Latin name: Acacia obtusifolia

    Common name: Obtuse, Blunt/stiff leaf wattle

    Family: Fabaceae
    Origin: South-East QLD, Australia


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    Please be aware that we use biodegrdble AF seed packets. They have a shelf life of less than 6 months. For long term storage to change your packaging.

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