Ceremonial Criollo Cacao || Organic Premium Grade Cacao

Ceremonial Criollo Cacao || Organic Premium Grade Cacao


The plant Theobroma cacao comes from the Greek root θεός (theos), meaning "god", and βρῶμα (broma), meaning "food".
Chocolate; Food of the Gods.

This Ceremonial Criollo Cacao has been produced with love and intention to honour the Awaju'n community of Peru. For thousands of years the Awaju'n  tribes had a spiritual connection with cacao and its therapeutic benefits. Their cacao ceremonial temple at Montegrande had a spiral shape to show the union of the human spirit with the universe and make us rememeber the cyclesof life, birth, new beginnings, and the aduncance of the new generation. 

The seeds of the cacao tree were a major currency to Meso-American cultures throughout history. Rich in fats (40-60%), theobromine (a stimulating alkaloid), and a superior source of magnesium, this plant offers a lot of medicine. Theobromine is also found in some Ilex species, cassine and guaysua. There is also theophylline found in cacao, a compound with a similar structure and B-phenethylamine, tyramine, tryptamine, and serotonin.


This Cacao has a flavour which is both sweet and fruity, less bitter than most varieties of Cacao.

How to prepare:
+ Boil 200mL water
+ Melt up to 5 tablespoons (50g) cacao per person into the drink.
+ Add a pinch of chilli/cayenne, cinnamon, cardamom or vanilla
+ Optional natural sweetener such as honey, agave syrup, maple, cane sugar. to taste

This product is 100% cacao paste, organically grown.
Store in cool, dark place


    Latin name: Theobroma cacao
    Common name: Chocolate, Cacao, Cocoa
    Family: Malvaceae
    Origin: Peru
    Part Used: Seed
    Size: 1kg


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