Copalli Rose Revitalise || Beauty Serum

Copalli Rose Revitalise || Beauty Serum


Revitalise — Nourishing Beauty Serum:
A bottle of plant allies that dance together in harmony to nourish, renew and revitalise your skin. This beauty oil serum is your skins best friend that will support you in maintaining a healthy, glowing, radiant and youthful complexion.


The intension of this blend is not only to nourish and hydrate your skin, slow down the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, and soothe scars, sunburn and discolouration, but also the intension is to invite a self love ritual into your life where the user can affirm daily that they are enough, and beautiful just as they are. This can be done by setting an intention, or using an affirmation as you apply the oil to your face/body, such as ‘I love and am grateful for my skin’ or 'I love my natural unique beauty’ or ‘I age beautifully’ or ‘my true beauty is beyond the physical'.


By allowing your skin care routine to become a beautiful self-care ritual you empower a deeper recalibration of your skin on not only a physical but also energetic level. Supporting everyone to feel comfortably and beautiful as they are, allowing their true essence to shine.


With water gently wash, then dry your face and hands. Drop 3 – 7 drops of your serum onto the palm of your hand and inhale the beautiful aroma of your oil. Then repeat out loud or in your head your skincare affirmation. Proceed by rubbing the oil that is in your palm all over your face; you can also include your neck, chest, and hands – send these areas love.


*First patch test a small amount of the oil serum on your wrist to ensure your skin is happy and not irritated by the serum*


This bottle of pure plant goodness is going to deeply support, love and care for your skin; but good skincare also involves a positive attitude about your self-worth - the beliefs you have about yourself, and also the foods you eat, with a whole food diet filled with lots of hydrating fruits and veggies being very supportive for your skin/gut health.


    Product name: Copalli Rose - Revitalise
    Ingredients: Jojoba oil infused with calendula, Rose-hip seed oil*, Hemp Seed oil*, Sweet Almond oil*, Fractionated Coconut oil MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides – all natural), Aragon oil*, Roman Chamomile^, Frankincense^, Lavender^, Helichrysum^, Sandalwood^, Copaiba^, Geranium^, Myrrh^
    * Certified Organic
    ^Therapeutic grade essential oils
    Origin: Lovingly made in Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia
    Size: 30mL


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