Fijian Kava || Piper Methysticum Root

Fijian Kava || Piper Methysticum Root


Kava, also known as Kava Kava, Awa, Ava, Yogana, or Keu, is a root that has a traditional history of use throughout the Polynesian, Melanesian and Micronesian cultures, reaching back at least 3000 years, where it is commonly used in social, celabratory, and ceramonial contexts. It is viewed as a plant of great importance, and has many mythological stories describing how it came to be known.

It may be supportive in promoting tranquility, relaxation, sedation, easing generalised anxiety; and promoting restful sleep. 

If you are taking any medications, please ensure there will be no interactions before you intend to consume Kava. There are some instances where it has been suspected that long term use of Kava in high amounts may be impactful on the liver, so please use this plant mindfully, as with all plants. As Kava may cause sedation, please be mindful of when you are consuming Kava, and what activities you plan to undertake after consumption. Please be cautious if combining Alcohol with Kava.


100g of powdered unconcentrated Kava root


    Latin name: Piper methysticum
    Common name: Kava
    Family: Piperaceae
    Origin: Fiji
    Part Used: Root
    Size: 100g


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