Tranquil Blend || Dry Herb

Tranquil Blend || Dry Herb


A blend of high quality smoking herbs intentionally blended to create a smooth, satisfying, and enjoyable experience, which may promote relaxation, tranquility and lucid dreaming. This is beautiful and smooth burning aid.

Organic Calea zacatechichi

A Mexican herb that is known to promote relaxation, dream recall, and lucid dreaming.
Wyldcrafted Nymphaea caerula
Known commonly as Blue lotus or Blue lily, this plant was used as a sacred sacrament in Egyptian and Mayan cultures. It is known to promote intuition, clarity and hypnotic relaxation, as well as dream recall and sexual playfulness.

Wyldcrafted Turnera diffusa

A Mexican herb that is considered to be uplifting yet relaxing, promoting vitality, enjoyment, sedation and clarity; it is also considered to have an aprodisiac effect.

Organic Verbascum thapsus

A common herb native to Europe, Northern Africa and Asia, which is most well known for it's lung tonifying and supportive effects.




    Ingredients: Organic Calea zacatechichi, Wyldcrafted Nymphaea caerula, Wyldcrafted Turnera diffusa, Organic Verbascum thapsus
    Origin: Lovingly made in the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia
    Size: 40g


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