Hoja Santa Plant || Piper auritum

Hoja Santa Plant || Piper auritum

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Piper, also known as hoja santa (sacred leaf), root beer plant or Mexican pepper leaf is native to tropical America and the South Pacific. It is sometimes confused with its close relative Piper methysticum (kava-kava), and may have some similar effects. It has a very aromatic distinct smell to its leaves, which are rich in essential oils such as safrole, and is used in some Mexican dishes and a Mexican liquor Verdín. This plant can be toxic when eaten in large quantities.


Piper loves a shady, moist environment with some sun. It can grow huge padded leaves of a foot long and creates a wonderful shady under/over story. It will throw new plants from its roots, so can spread and become a weed.


This plant is sold for cultivation purposes only. Plant for sale is not the exact one pictured, but similar.

Care for your plants: should the plant arrive stressed, email a photo within 2 days of receiving. I suggest a stress dose of SeaSol, and a shady, warm location. This plant may drop its leaves and regrow from the root.


    Latin name: Piper auritum
    Common name: Mexican Pepper Plant, Hoja Santa, Root Beer Plant
    Family: Piperaceae
    Origin: Organically home grown and loved in the Sunshine Coast, QLD


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