Iron Tonic Tincture || Blood Potion

Iron Tonic Tincture || Blood Potion


The Blood Potion Iron Tonic is created with a combination of blood building herbs that increase Qi, life force, oxygen and in turn the robustness of the blood. When the blood force is stronger, the body has a stronger capacity to self-heal and recover from fatigued states. The herbs in this formula target the spleen to potentially strengthen it's blood building capacity, which in turn can also aid in supporting the digestive tract to mop up dampness. The Earth element is called upon here with yellow rooted botanicals;
+ Licorice root
+ Codonopsis
+ Withania
+ Yellow dock root

+ Nettle

+ Rose hips (Vitamin C rich, which may aid in the absorption of iron)

This is a great adjunct to any anemic conditions, or for women who struggle to keep on top of their iron requiements, especially those with a heavy moon cycle. Feed the blood. Strengthen the body.

All organic herbs, some freshly tinctured within hours of harvest.


    Product name: Iron Tonic
    Ingredients: Glycyrrhiza glabra, Rumex crispus, Withania somniferum, Rose canina, Codonopsis pilosula, Urtica dioitia
    Origin: Lovingly made in the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia
    Size: 200mL


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