Negro Copal || Resin || Incense

Negro Copal || Resin || Incense


The resin from the Protium copal tree is used worldwide for ceremonial cleansing, historically an offering for the dieties. Resins are highly refined medicines, the blood and waters of the plant. Resins tend to work with the more subtle fields that permeate all things. The honey of a bee hive, the golden ore, the bloods of our bodies. Life force medicine.


Copal can also refer to the Hymenaea verrucosa (Fabaceae) of East Africa. It was used extensively throughout Mesoamerican history, deriving it's name from the Aztecan Nahuatl language word copalli, meaning "incense". In New Zealand & Australia subfossil copal comes from the kauri gum, Agathis australis (Araucariaceae).

It's applications vary; you find her in sweat lodge ceremonies, in Central or South American Indigenous cultures, in the Catholic churches, for a Mazatec or Zapotec mushroom ceremony, or throughout homes in the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations. Copal has a familar sweet smell, a coming home to the soul.

It is available in different forms, colours, and grades. With white being more valuable than the yellow-amber types.


It has a fresh & fragrant smell when burned as an incense.

This product is 100% pure, organic resin pieces.


    Latin name: Protium copal

    Common name: Negro Copal

    Family: Burseraceae
    Origin: Indonesia
    Part Used: Resin
    Size: 14g, 28g


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