Organic Reishi Powder Extract 10:1 || Lingzhi

Organic Reishi Powder Extract 10:1 || Lingzhi


This potent extract of the medicinal fungus Reishi may support your well-being, health, cognition, immune function clarity and stamina. You can add it to your morning warm beverage to start your day with an extra kick.

Reishi is the Yoda of the fungi world, the Kind of the Herbs. According to Maia Toll's work, Reishi is not some clingy soft & mushroom, but a strong and structured gravity-defying fungi. Pointing you to your path to find your way, transforming from the inside out. An ancient fungus with thousands of years of relationship with mankind. To the Japanese culture Reishi is an “ancient goddess of health, life and eternal youth.” To ancient China it is Lingzhi, “a divine herb that energises the Qi or life force.” To us it is a great ally.


    Product name: Reishi Mix
    Ingredients: Organic Reishi Extract 10:1
    Origin: Superfoods Australia, QLD, Australia
    Size: 50g, 100g

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