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the circle..

If there is one word I had to choose to describe Rachel’s ability to hold space, it is integrity. This is something I truly admire about this woman, and it shines through when she holds space. The space she holds it unassuming, non-judgemental and open. She does not place herself above the circle, but rather embeds herself within it, and truly meets you where you are at, honouring your journey, and hers at the same time with truth, transparency, and so much love.


It is a gift to be in circle with her.

- miriam latif -



What to expect?

I can help you on your health & discovery retreats as a facilitator or assistant facilitator. I have a lot of experience with circle work, and would love to dive deeper with you. I work in a non-traditional way, giving spaciousness to allow what is coming through with a deep respect for nature. I believe a strong aspect of healing trauma is rooted of community building, and tend to invite this into the work.


What can I offer?

- Facilitation & circle work

- Music / sound healing

- Integration coaching

- ZenThai Shiatsu body work

- Herbal medicine as an adjust therapy

What sort of music?

I can offer live medicine music & sound healings with the following instruments :

- Singing
- Guitar

- Medicine drum

- 432 htz Shruti boxes in C & G

 - Tibetan singing bowls

- Rattles

- Ngoni

- Mouth bow / jaw harp


How to expect it?

I can travel to your event. So get in touch and let's start collaborating! Fully customisable & negotiable.

Please note that I do not provide any substances, only sounds and grounding presence.

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