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Focus intention therapy

Zenthai Shiatsu is the art of movement-based bodywork therapy. Creatively and Intuitively drawing on Japanese Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Thai style massage and Osteopathic techniques. Utilizing Cupping, Moxibustion and the bodies own restoration processes.

Zenthai offers

Origins & the 12 threads



Your health is your journey, but you don't have to walk it alone.


Wednesdays 9am-1pm [contact via email for booking outside of these times]
Secrets From the Honey Tree

1/101 Memorial Drive, Eumundi, QLD, 4562
~ Parking out the back, off the street

Thursdays 9am-1pm
35 Fourwinds Avenue, Coolum Beach, QLD, 4573
~ Parking on the street


Wednesday/Thursdays 9am-6pm

Skype or Zoom chat [contact via email for booking outside of these times]

What kind of practitioner are you?

I am complimentary practitioner of Western Herbal Medicine, which is an union of traditional plant & fungi based herbal wisdom backed up with modern evidence based practice. A place where nature-science, tradition and intuition meet. I bring a neo-traditional perspective, uniting the wisdom & energetics of folk-herbalism (right hemisphere feeling) with an analytical & modern botanical rationale (left hemisphere thinking).

Welcome to the cerebral heart.

Stay at home or come to me
So I don't have to travel to you? Nope, unless you really want to. Welcome to the future, where you can stay at home, save on travel costs, not have to make arrangements for your family, and still have a personalised medicine consultation in comfort & style. We can conduct our consultations via phone or video call, or in person on the Sunshine Coast. I am now consulting in Eumundi at Secrets From the Honey Tree & Coolum as well.
You can book through the webite or email: info@entheobotanica.org

What to expect?
We will thoroughly explore your health. I will propose a plant, or combination of plants, that will serve & support your health. You will get to know these plants well, and understand how they are working with you. This may be through fresh liquid extracts, flower essences, dietary supplementation, raw food, dried tea, spices, or even as a living plant in your garden. It may also be a combination of these. This will be our journey together, finding ways to reconnect you to the wisdom of the trees, the groundedness of the rhizomes (literally; to 'take root'), the subtleties of the flowers, and the vitality of the leaves. Finding ways to reconnect you to your body and yourself.


How to expect it?

If you are local to the Sunshine Coast you're welcome to pick up your herbal medicine from Eumundi at the clinic or around Coolum if organised. For phone or online consultations, the medicines will be posted out to you, please allow about 1 week to receive them. For any other specific nutritional or herbal products that I recommend, I will order them directly from the suppliers to your door. All product invoices will be emailed to you. Please note that the herbs and supplements are not included in the consultations costs. They will need to be paid for before posting will occur.

Initial Consultation: $110
+ Together we will tune into your complete health status over a one and a half hour period. This is quite thorough, and looks at you not merely as the person presenting, but the past-selves you have been leading up to this moment, and your goals moving forward into the future. We go where is needed and you are comfortable. I utilise the physical diagnositc tools of reading the pulse, eyes, skin, nails, & tongue analysis for signs of your current physical health & constitution.

+ We will formulate an wholistic Health Plan together with guidance around creating beneficial plant ally relationships to best support your health. This will either be done in the session or for some clients this will be sent out via email after the consultation, after thoroughly tuning into & researching your health.
+ Available via phone, video call or in person on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.



Follow-Up Consultation: $70

+ From here on in, we will re-tune into your health and see how your body is responding. The time required will vary depending on your situation, generally about 30 minutes.

+ Including fine-tuning your wholistic Health Plan with guidance around continuing beneficial plant ally relationships to best support your health. Depending on the time between your Initial & Follow Up appointments, extra time may be required.

+ This also allows for acute herbal medicine in the case of colds, flus, cuts, or other minor health issues.
+ Available via phone, video call or in person on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.


Health Plan: FREE

[ included in Initial consultations ]

+ After our consultations, I will spend some time with your case, formulating an appropriate direction to best cultivate your health. It gives me time & space to really drop in with you.

+ Unless specific advice is needed to be thoroughly explained (for more complex cases), this will be conducted via Email, and any recommended plant medicines will be outlined & invoiced here. I will advise if you need to book in a Health Plan appointment for an in person / phone / video call session at the end of our consultations.
+ Generally allow 1 week after our consultations to receive your Health Plan. It will include any herbal, dietary & lifestyle suggestions as well as any suggested health care referrals.

** Prices are in AUD

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