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Dream Awareness & Lucid Dreaming

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

I consider dreaming to be one of the most important experiences in my day, it most certainly is what I most look forward to nuzzling into bed; another adventure. 7-9 hours of psychoanalytical time with oneself nightly, gently, powerfully and restoratively is invaluable. An opportunity for self reflection and Self kinnection.

Here are my main takeaways from dreamstates:

1. LUCIDITY: Dreams teach us free-will and how to use it. They remind us of the plasticity of life. Our abilities to manifest quickly and effortlessly in the dream-realm apply to the heavier densities of the physical ‘waking’ world, but it takes clarity, focus & training in the use free-will (how to use it, how to abuse it) helping to experience the direct connectivity between our mind-manifestations & experiences. What could be more powerful than remembering that you are somewhat asleep and choosing to wake up?

2. COMMUNICATION: Tapping into information that our ‘conscious’ minds are not prioritising, blocking out, or just not able to access in physicality. Information bubbles up from the deep layers of our own psyches, and in from the cosmos, revealing fragmented aspects of ourselves in need of integration, informing us of likely potentials that are solidifying into the physical as or before they occur based on our current choices (this allows us to experience the consequences of our actions & change directions), and a general all access pass to interacting with everything within (& without) the realms of imagination including communing with ancestors, animals, plants, spirits, allies, enemies, and Earthly people just too far away to hang out with day to day :). Think healing trauma & finding forgiveness without needing anyone (dead or alive) as a third party. Think time travel for unlocking memories. How about hanging out with friends & family on the other side of the world?

3. TRAINING: Levelling up, practicing mad human skillz, & general spirit-mind-interface hacking of ze matrix. As one begins to access more free-will, remember their lucidity, and consciously communicate with their surroundings, what could be done with with that? Upgrades! Human 2.0 is just the beginning in the dream-state, where you can consciously conjure up anything, practice living your dreams in a place of time distortion to see how they feel before waking them into physical reality and explore the inner workings of your own mind, where it fits into & how it interacts with the universe to essentially write the manual for your life. This is where one can quickly & safely learn the tricks of awareness & lucidity to heal, grow, change, and become.

Maybe you’re dreaming, and if you wake up how will you know that this dream is over? Start waking up to yourself in the physical, see how it is reflected in the clarity of your dreams, teaching you greater human adaptability, for deeper dream awareness, and so it goes for seamlessly endless potential. One constant stream of awareness.. Dreaming is a free and natural medicine teacher!


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