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You are an individual, not a disease.

Are you a unique and intelligent human being and any symptoms you are experiencing are from your body attempting to communicate with you in a wholly individual way. My role as a complimentary health practitioner is to help you understand and translate the language of your body, so that you can continue to live in harmony with your health. To do this I use the not-yet-lost language of plants. You will begin to not only listen to your body, but listen your body in relation to its environment, be that city-scape or forest. 

You are not separate from nature, you are in an intelligent relationship with it. Naturally, you are nature.


This concept we will cultivate together, and the implications of this knowledge are both simple & profound. You are a part of your environment, you are a part of a forest. You are a conscious inter-dependent organism creating internal balance with the external. Ideally, we will not merely suppress the symptoms of your body, and instead support your vital strength to treat the root cause. This will aid in symptom control and management. Our relationship is based on a concept known as, 'Doctor as Teacher', where I intend to teach you about your health, so that you may become more empowered and less reliant on any individual or system, including myself.

Your health is your journey, but you don't have to walk it alone.


Nimbin Apothecary, NSW


Zoom online video call

[contact via email for bookings outside of the available times]

What kind of practitioner are you?

I am complimentary practitioner of Western Herbal Medicine, which is an union of traditional plant & fungi based herbal wisdom backed up with modern evidence based practice. A place where nature and science, tradition and intuition meet. I bring a neo-traditional perspective, uniting the wisdom & energetics of folk-herbalism (right hemisphere feeling), with an analytical & modern botanical rationale (left hemisphere thinking). I also work as a ZenThai Shiatsu bodyworker, which utilises Traditional Chinese Medicine. I incorporate this into my practice.

Welcome to the cerebral heart.

What to expect?
We will thoroughly explore your health. I will propose a plant, or combination of plants, that will serve & support your health. You will get to know these plants well, and understand how they are working with you. This may be through fresh liquid extracts, flower essences, dietary supplementation, food, dried tea, spices, or even as a living plant in your garden. It may also be a combination of these. This will be our journey together, finding ways to reconnect you to the wisdom of the trees, the groundedness of the rhizomes (literally; to 'take root'), the subtleties of the flowers, and the vitality of the leaves. Finding ways to reconnect you to your body and yourself.


How to expect it?

We can conduct our consultations via a zoom online call, or in person from Nimbin, NSW. For online consultations, the medicines will be posted out to you, and for locals the medicine is made at the Nimbin Apothecary and you can pick it up. Please note that the herbs and supplements are not included in the consultations costs. They will need to be paid for before posting will occur.

EntheoBotanica Foundation
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