Meet the Team

We are an intimate group of natural therapists working on the Sunshine Coast. Although our modalities differ, we have a shared focus to return alternative medicine to the original medicine that it is.


Healing and co-existing here on Earth is your birth rite. Though pain may be necessary, suffering is not. There are ancient and new practices that can greatly improve the quality of your life. Teaching you to be embodied.

Community. Connection. Courage. 


Adv. Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine

ZenThai Shiatsu Practitioner

(Check out: What is ZenThai?)


ZenThai Flow Teacher

(Check out: What is ZenThai Flow?)

Propagator of medicinal & shamanic plants

Co-founder & facilitator at Mulai Lagi Iboga (Check out: What is Iboga?)

Kambo frog medicine & shamanic offerings
(Check out: What is Kambo?)

Principal Participant at FreeEarth Foundation (Check out: We are the FreeEarthers)

Space-holder & musician
(Check out: arcana)



apprentice of herbal wisdom

plant custodian

student of the wyldoerness

sharing heart medicine


cultivating gratitude


scholar of mind, body  & soul

movement meditation

child of the sea

health & well being coach

cultivating presence


Zenthai Shiatsu Practitioner

(Check out: What is Zenthai?)

Zenthai Flow Teacher

(Check out: What is Zen Flow?)

Propagator of medicinal plants and fungi 

Founder of Omnipresence Therapy 

(Check out: What is Bodywork?) 

Surf Instructor freelance 
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Sacred medicine facilitator 

Sound healing offerings 

EntheoBotanica Foundation
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