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An infinite being exploring its infinite potential

through an infinite number of finite avenues.

“The moment you forget yourself and become fully absorbed in what you perceive, you are no longer awake.

You have forgotten about your own consciousness and are in a hypnotic trance focused entirely upon the object of your thoughts or perceptions. At that point, your freewill is surrendered and you become a machine,

input and output determined by what enthrals you.”

Montalk. “Transcending the Matrix Control System.

How to wake up from somnambulism; sleep walking.

When we explore the psychedelic spaces we begin to open ourselves up & simultaneously break our constructed selves down. We experience fluidity in reality. This isn't necessarily a detrimental thing, but without awareness, it can be challenging thing. Not too dissimilar to life, the psychedelic experience is a means to an ends, and the end is learning & growing. Those who make experience the end goal are going to create challenges for themselves. To integrate the mind-manifestations of the psychedelic experience it takes time, it sometimes takes guidance and it is always benefited from support. When it comes to recovering from substance use and abuse, it requires a strong and loving heart to find the path home. There are so many lessons on your journey, no matter where it has guided you. Taking ownership over the doors you've opened, and walking all the way through is now your responsibility. Wether it's integrating a powerful night of ceremony, or self experimentation, or integrating a tough 20 years of addiction; community and support into walking your path with purpose will be key.

"Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one.”


Please note that I do not encourage the use of any substances, nor provide psychedelics. I merely am acting as a non-judgemental reflection to speak to with the intention to help you to integrate your choices.


What kind of experience to you have?

I have been working with plant medicine for the last 7 years and travelled to different Indigenous cultures using their entheogenic agents of insight in traditional settings. I practice as a complimentary practitioner of Western Herbal Medicine, which is an union of traditional plant & fungi based herbal wisdom backed up with modern evidence based practice. A place where nature-science, tradition and intuition meet. I bring a neo-traditional perspective, uniting the wisdom & energetics of folk-herbalism (right hemisphere feeling) with an analytical & modern botanical rationale (left hemisphere thinking). I have a bounty of experience working with shamanic spaces. Let's let that be a word referring to plants & spaces that tap into the other-worldly, the unseen, working with the invisibles, the void energy and the unmanifested. In these spaces we communicate with the subconscious, which speaks in symbols from the innermost recesses of the Self, where your core hopes & fears reside. This is a space I play with.

"When we begin to unconceal the Self it allows the world access, and it allows us access to the world. It allows an intimate touching that goes very deep."
Stephen Harrod Buhner

What to expect?
 A space that is free from judgement, free from rights & wrongs, essentially a space that is spacious. Our time spent together is an opportunity to look at the themes that are presenting to you, revisit your experiences and see how they are coming up in new ways to teach you. The aim of these sessions are to integrate what is going on, to find a place for it, so that it becomes an experience that can guide you in a positive direction. Together we will transition a 'Bad Trip' into a teacher. It may be a lesson that takes years to learn, and it may be a lesson still teaching you, but it's something we can begin to diffuse the energy behind in our sessions together. You may be in a spiritual emergency or crisis, hitting walls and mental tricks. Same same for the recovery process in addiction. I'm happy & available to be on the other side of the mirror giving you an anchored reflection to bounce off.

How to expect it?

Nimbin Apothecary, NSW


Zoom online video call

[contact via email for bookings outside of these times]

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