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What is Iboga?

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

So you may have heard me mention this plant here and there, which I tend to do as I am a big advocate for Iboga therapy, in the context of its psycho-spiritual and medical value. It has an intricate and complex effect on our mental-physical interface and possesses the potential to rewire, repair and restore our vital health as an adjunct tool in holistic natural medicine.

Iboga or Eboga refers to the West-African shrub Tabernanthe iboga, from the apocynaceae family. It has a long history of use by the tribes of West-Central-Africa, namely Gabon & Pygmaea cultures for such purposes as ceremony, celebration, initiation, connectivity and divination in the form of a plant medicine. The Gabonese continue to use the plant today traditionally for Bwiti religious rites of passage, medicinal purposes and ritualistic experiences to connect with spirit and one another. It is considered a powerful sacrament of transition to travel between life stages.

This plant medicine has many effects, depending on the intention, dose, environment and the individual. Most noticeably Iboga has adaptogenic, anti-viral, anti-depressant, and anti-addictive qualities by inducing a stimulating, oneirogenic (dream-inducing), visionary, introspective, purgative and often peak-experience. The plant’s root bark has high concentrations of ibogaine, a psychoactive indole alkaloid with dissociative properties. However the plant has many active alkaloids and components that synergise together powerfully to trigger the body's own healing process including its active metabolite nor-ibogaine. Iboga is especially well known for its anti-addictive properties, most notably when it comes to opioid dependencies. When it comes to opioid addictions Iboga has the potential to remove all withdrawals almost immediately, which is somewhat of a charm this ancient plant teacher offers, being a non-opioid itself, that is an extreme rarity. Through a process that is mentally, emotionally and spiritually introspective, one can be rapidly detoxed from many deep rooted addictions on both the physical and metaphysical levels. The process interrupts both the physical & psychological dependencies through a mental defragmentation & a physical reset, a new beginning and rebirth of the Self, attenuating withdrawal symptoms, cravings and inducing spiritual exploration & inner-self-work. Through self reflection the individual can address one’s deep rooted beliefs and conditionings in a profound way, when used in combination with preparation and integration work and other healing modalities.

You can check out the work I am apart of abroad with Mulai Lagi (New Beginnings) Iboga at This organisation is a volunteer based private foundation working charitably for sustenance with the intention to make this plant medicine sustainably accessible for the global tribe.

Check out my work with Eboga the master teacher at Mulai Lagi Iboga:


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