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The Flower ::: I am abundant

Herbal medicine

A flower is a self contained collection of reproductive material able to seed the future. It’s role is to attract. Its function combines with the function of a seed, together attracting and creating. It does this from an ancient primal place where the origins of beauty live. The dance of creation is an expression of Fire, where life is sparked from within, and birth created out of an incantation.

The primordial fire is the light that reaches back to the birth of the universe. Spirit cast into motion. It expresses, it moves, it enchants, it desires, it loves. This is the function of a flower, and it can be likened to our own sexual organs, but even more so to our hearts and the seat of consciousness within us. When life split from the origin of source, the Monad became the Dyad and yin and yang birthed. Yang is the primal and original expression of fire, whereas Yin is water.

The fire dances and enchants, it beats our very hearts. It is through this warmth that our bodies are animated with spirit, blood and rich redness. The fire is our culture and expression - the very act of engaging in it creates more of itself. It is the songs we lose ourself to and the dance that dances us. Without it, I wonder why we are here at all? What’s it all about if not for the pure expression of our creative life force bubbling out of us? Fire wakes you up in the morning. It is the child yearning to grow up and discover. It is the initiatory rituals that burn lessons into us and make us who we are.

In the I-Ching, the Fire trigram is also called The Clinging, and represented by solid outside lines, and a hollow centre for the air current to fuel the fire that must cling to the wood. For Fire to thrive, like a flower, it needs others. It needs to resource itself from the bees and insects, from the wind and wood, and requires an attractive quality to summon its needs.

Flowers are pure beauty and attraction that ignite feelings inside our hearts. They motivate healing. The encourage loving. And through this outward expression volcanoes erupt and the genetic information of life itself recreates and re-experiences itself. Life wants to live another day, and through a flower a plant will invest everything it has left to enchant you with the spell of life and try for another round of experiencing life.

Herbal medicine is original medicine :)


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