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The Sap ::: I have wisdom within

herbal medicine

The sap or resin of a plant is the water ways and canals that run through the entire organism. Water is a force deep within the body that permeates all things. We are at least 90% water, and so are plants. These solid feeling structures that make up our bodies are animated by the power of water, as if inflated by it. Without it, we become small, dry, and lifeless.

Water can put out fire, move earth, uproot wood, and over time even wear metal. It has lunar qualities, embraces darkness, can sit in stillness like an ocean cave or motionless lake. It can also roar like a raging rapid or crash like a tsunami. It has a way of finding the deepest channel to run through whilst moving as one body that can at any moment segment into infinite bodies. It can take the forms of solid, vapour or liquid. The water is a shapeshifter, and the most mysterious of all.

The quality of water available to us will dictate a huge aspect of our health, and like the sap of a tree or the blood of our body, if the water is pure and clean, health will follow as the water deliver nutrients to where it needs to go. Water will carry toxicity and deliver it to the organisms and landscapes that purify, such as the ocean’s bottom feeders, the mangroves, and in our body the kidneys and bladder. In this way, the water is a vessel of receptivity to be filled with life.

When life split from the origin of source, the Monad became the Dyad and yin and yang birthed. Yang is the primal and original expression of Fire, whereas Yin is Water. These 2 elements will forever be entangled in a balancing act. Just as the Water is the container & river of blood itself, the fire is the heat and warmth of energy pumping through that blood from the heart. Just as Fire is the attraction of the sexual organs and the yearning for life to create, the Water is the container of the womb that life grows in, and the inherited Jing or genetic life force buried deep within our DNA.

In the I-Ching, Water is the inverse of Fire, with hollow edges and a solid centre. It is called, ‘The Abysmal’ as it is characterised by the drawing of energy inward and downward.

There is a holographic aspect to the Water as well; that it holds the vibration of the entirety within it. This is the same for the Earth’s water ways. The health of the river IS the health of the ecosystem that lives on the river. The health of the ocean IS the health of the planet. The egg and sperm of a human hold these qualities as well, a seed encoded with the past.

When you look into the surface of the Water you see a reflection, but when you dive below the surface, there is another story of whale song singing below.

Herbal medicine is the original medicine :)

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