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Initiation Preparation Week 2

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

14 days to go.

Today’s preparation involves; How to Not Get Malaria. (WARNING This is a kind of mental overload one today; hard-core plant nerds only)

So I’ve deliberated long and hard around the whole Malaria situation. If I get it before the ceremony, I won’t be able to have wood. Post-Iboga is inconvenient but less of an issue. There is 1 anti-malaria pharmaceutical safe to use with Iboga; Malerone, which I’ve been advised by the person leading us in to take. However he won’t be :P. Malerone is also used as treatment if one gets Malaria. It should be noted that in South East Asia resistance to ALL anti-malaria medications are reported. Symptoms of Malaria include; shaking chills, sweating, fever, headache, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, muscle pain - sounds like an Eboga trip! So telling the difference might be hard, at first anyway. After Iboga wears off you start to feel much better, malaria well, much worse..

Malaria isn’t a virus like I first thought, but a parasite by the name of Plasmodium spp. (there are 4 types). It spreads via the blood, and attacks the integrity of your own red blood cells multiplying and destroying, essentially. Sounds brutal. I have no intention of experiencing ANY of this mind you.

This book ‘Herbal Antivirals’ is a Godsend. Well human-send actually. It’s extremely well researched, well-referenced, and easy to navigate companion for any herbal medicine practitioner or enthusiast. I use it and it’s partner ‘Herbal Antibiotics’ often as they explore, in detail, verified information around plants specific to a strain of bacteria or virus, breaking down into the constituents of plants and their actions. A must have natural medicine guide.

Herbal medicine with proven anti-malarial actions include Boneset and Isatis.

Boneset is from the family Composite, Genus Eupatorium, with tens of species, more commonly Eupatorium perfoliatum. Boneset is anti-inflammatory, Immunostimulating, Cytotoxic, Antiviral, Anti-plasmodium used specifically to treat malaria making it a midlevel antimalarial. There is too little information/studies on it with too much difference in spp. for me to be sure it’s safe with Iboga..

Isatis tinctoria from the Brassicaceae family is a broad spectrum antiviral, directly virucidal, inhibits viral replication, inhibits virus attachment to cells, potentiates the effectiveness of viral vaccines, is immune stimulating, anti-parasitic and anti-inflammatory. It is the chemical component Tryptanthrin that is potently anti-parasitic against malaria. From its actions it appears to be safe with Iboga as a herbal medicine.

Interestingly Elderberries (Sambucus nigra) have been shown to exasperate malaria by potentially activating Th1 cytokines. AVOID!

Herbs with proven Plasmodium killing powers include:

Licorice, Glycyrrhiza glabra, which I definitely can’t mix with Iboga due to its QT-prolonging effects

and the fungi…

Cordyceps sinensis which is a potent immuno-adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory, cardiotonic, strengthener of heart beat, anti-arrhythmic, renoprotective, hepatoprotective, antiviral & anti-microbial with actions specific to Plasmodium spp. Cordyceps shows very low CYP450 inhibition YESSSS. This I definitely CAN use with Iboga YAYY A WIN. Also sounds like it would help support the entire body with the wood. Stories talk of the mushroom Iboga was served on, was it Cordyceps!?

Lesson today is; get some Cordyceps & research Isatis PRONTO to make sure it doesn’t have anthraquinones in it - big no no (I feel like it might as it's used as a natural dye and so are anthraquinones)

(I’m taking the Malerone with me; trust Allah but tie thy drugs to my back…)


13 days to go. Today's preparation involves TUNING IN TO MY BODY. I have been really busy at work & in the garden, readying my nest and my various projects for thyme away. And it’s also become a useful distraction to busy my mind away from what’s really going on. Which is fear.

To be honest I'm feeling quite anxious about the wood journey the closer it comes to me. I had wood recently to be in communication with it. It was a very smooth experience, lower dosing than Bwiti style. It actually brought up anxiety on the journey as I saw myself in Gabon amidst a marathon of Eboga. It was the first moment I really felt in my body how intense this whole reboot is. It was also the ‘easiest’ experience I’ve ever had on wood with not only clear visions, but an dynamic dialogue of interaction between us; good material and a sensitive nervous system.

So I am reminding myself now how dear a friend this plant has been to me. And building our trust together, rather than doubting its presence in my life. Eboga may be direct, but it’s spirit is very loving and caring. As if an old ancient tree with the enthusiasm of a toddler yet patience of a grandfather was stirred from its sleep, to tell you the secrets of the universe. We can hardly keep up with the density of information this giant condenses and dumbs down for our human processes to compute. After conjuring up such a giant, you can hardly go to bed after just a cuppa, nope, you guys JUUUST dropped acid and the night has only begun. He keeps you there reminiscing about the past and clearing the brain junk so that you might actually experience a moment of true connection and absolute clarity towards this Cosmic giggle. Long after you are too tired to think anymore let alone care, wishing he would just go to bed Eboga is still there rattling away stories, but he begins to drift with you into colour and flow. But not to fear, Eboga keeps you entertained with sporadic witty commentary on life as it jams star-data in your skull. A slightly soothing touch amidst the storm that is a meta-analysis of your psyche. You are acutely aware of how overwhelming it all is, yet simultaneously completely (dare I say peacefully?) detached from it. Each moment lasts lifetimes, yet when the morning dawns you can't understand how fast the night passed. This is the master plant medicine guru.

I feel better already! Channelling courage & strength today.

Oh I pulled this card whilst embodying this feeling.