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Letting go, into the unknown.

Kambo or Sapo, also sometimes called "the frog" or the green fire, refers to the Phyllomedusa bicolour giant monkey frog. The excretions that are collected from the frog have been used traditionally in the Amazon rainforest as a folk ritual for many lifetimes. In the jungle it is said to clear Panema, which is a cloud or phase of bad luck that muddies the waters. Some people consider that 3 Kambo sessions in a moon cycle to be particularly powerful, and is sometimes called a 'vaccination'.

Using a poison is a technique used in times of particularly strong transition. It is not a tool used for the feeble.

"Healing will occur from within, not from without. Any 'thing' is yet another reflection for the body to mirror. It can be a tool to see more clearly with, and yet if you lose yourself in its beauty, it can be a distraction."

Please research Kambo thoroughly yourself so you can understand this tool. In Australia it is not TGA approved. We do not have good quality studies on safety or efficacy in human trials to confirm the safety of Kambo. This is not a medicine used to treat conditions of health, as it is not a registered medicine in Australia. We do not make any therapeutic claims to its health benefits. You can contact the IAKP, a self-regulating body of practitioners, to make a complaint if a complaint is warranted (  There are also lots of information on this website for you to educate yourself with. Please also refer to the QLD Office of Health to make any necessary complaints regarding unregistered health practitioners (

"The difference between a poison and a medicine is the dose."



Nimbin, NSW & Mobile Northern NSW

What kind of practitioner are you?

I am complimentary practitioner of Western Herbal Medicine, which is an union of traditional plant & fungi based herbal wisdom backed up with modern evidence based practice. A place where nature-science, tradition and intuition meet. I bring a neo-traditional perspective, uniting the wisdom & energetics of folk-herbalism (right hemisphere feeling) with an analytical & modern botanical rationale (left hemisphere thinking). I have undertake Kambo facilitation training in Mexico in 2015, and have been working with it personally since then.

What to expect?
Kambo is applied externally, and is short lasting. The effects can range from hot, cold, sweating, purging, needing to go to the bathroom, feeling emotions rising, or some cramping. Essentially your body goes into a rapid 'detox' process. The intensity of this process is negated and reduced somewhat by the food that you choose to put in your body in the time leading up to the session. The sessions will be either 1:1 or in small groups. 1:1 allows for more flexibility, whereas the group sessions will be specific dates. The journeys start between 8-9am (changes with seasons) lasting around 2-4 hours, depending on the group size. Please allow the rest of the day for recovery.

Who is this not suitable for?

Kambo might not be for you. If you have blood pressure, heart issues, chronic illness to any organ systems, substance dependencies, are using medications, pregnant or breastfeeding, then it is not the right time for Kambo. Please email for specific guidance around your situation.

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