An unexpected interruption..

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Entering into the final phase of the detox, I have had an unfortunate scooter accident in Ubud, Bali, and have had to put the cleanse on hold. Surgery on my foot, injections of tetanus & antibiotics, a course of antibiotics, and no walking for the last 2 weeks..

So now I'm drinking this natural antibiotic drink from one of my favourite Ubud cafes. Mmmm. I'll recommence soon. This has affected my last kambo cleanses as it is not safe to mix Kambo and surgery (blood clotting issues), my Iboga flood dose (I need to be strong!) and has delayed my final heavy metal and colon detox - which will be useful after the antibiotic bombing that has occurred in my gut biome community. A difficult decision to make, but considering the circumstances of infection risk in the humid tropics, I made my choice to eat the antibiotics and kill the remaining gut bacteria I've been breeding for the last 4 years since my last antibiotic dose. Time to re-colon-ise! On a positive note I haven't had any cold-sore break outs since I began, and have definitely been exposed to sun and stress plenty! I also ceased taking lysine and zinc since the detox began which usually prevented outbreaks. I've had orange juice and chocolate on a number of occasions - no signs thus far. :)

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