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Earthen days

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Another day on Earth, another Earth Day.

"Of this earth I walk, creation is what feeds my soul."

Yesterday we celebrated Earth Day, here on the blue planet on the 22nd of April. April is quite the month of celebrations for herbies, with Herbalist Day last week on the 17th (Happy belated Herbalist Day fellow plant lovers!). So what can we bring into our lives with these natural medicine reminders over the turn of the seasons?

"Only happy when you've got it only makes you miss the journey."

Autumn is in full swing here on the Sunshine Coast. There's a chill in the evening air, a freshness to the morning crisp, the days are creeping shorter and there's a breeze sweeping past each day, in true Autumnal style. Letting go of the summer warmth with its long hours of light, knowing winter is coming and it will be many moon cycles 'til Spring, is part and parcel of being present and riding the waves of Earth. Showing up to today, waking up, rising up, and cultivating gratitude for our lives on this beautiful planet is how each of us can show respect to nature and ourselves on Earth Day, remembering nature isn't just a far away escape to the forest, it's all around us, the cityscapes, our homes, we are nature. And natural medicine is our birth rite.

"Home is what Mother Earth has given you, and Mother Nature makes us individual."

It can be challenging tuning in to the present moment. There is so much freedom today and yet so much disconnection from the consequences of our choices. We are simultaneously more connected on a global scale and yet isolated from one another and aspects of ourselves, our Earth. It's hard to deny that the health of our home is asking us to pay attention, to take responsibility over her, over ourselves. Reality is, trying to change the world is an overwhelmingly feat, and a sense of already losing shadows our ability to even try, we resign to apathy. Never underestimate the ability to change one life, your life, and the exponential rippling effect this has on your family, your friends, your community. If every person just took responsibility over their own choices, we would all be sorted. What can you do for yourself, to cultivate greater health for happiness today?

"Doing nothing is an easy choice."

Earth Day reminds us of our commonality, our shared land, our one home, that has lived long before us. Thyme to rise up people and be here for our journey through space on this garden of a rock, a blink in the universe. Yes; let's learn from our history. Yes; let's consider where we are going. But if we project ourselves forward to a time of resigned destruction or hopeful Eden, are we empowering ourselves to respect this planet? Are we distracting ourselves from our custodianship with her? Are we fuelling anger, guilt, escape?

Be here, now, and make it count.


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