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We are the Free Earthers

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

As natural earthly beings we share the Earth as Common heritage. What we all have in common, is Earth. We need to stand up for what we stand on.

About 5 years ago, my dearest friend invited me to participate in a Foundation that he had established, essentially an idea that birthed through him to return us to our roots, our birth rite. I joined the cause, and became an integral participant in this movement, little did I know at the thyme of saying Yes. Those kind of YESes lead to good places me thinks.

The FreeEarth Foundation is a Private (not PUBLIC), non-government and not-for-financial-profit organisation. It has been established in a way that it cannot be owned, merely directed by a team of volunteer Principal Participants that make decisions for the direction of the movement, me being one of those! :).

Our guiding principle is; terra nullius redux – return to the land belonging to no-one.

We do not observe land ownership. Due to the law of impermanence everything is temporary, thus ownership especially over something as vast and wyld as land is absurdity. Fixation or stagnation on an illusion of privatisation. To own is to be owned. We observe stewardship, custodianship, but we go a step further into a space where no hierarchy of control is required. Consider recoginising the sovereignty of nature itself, nurturing itself, aware of itself, we are not looking down unto it caring for it, but across to it all around us, apart of it. We share space, to co-habitat for one another in sustenance and flourishment. We recognise this as our sovereign rite as members of Earth. A co-habitation of mutual respect.

We have various projects that support human expression and advancement in the arts sciences, and humanities, especially sustainable food & energy production. We are clear in our vision, and make a point to invest in ethical and conscious creations. We are therefore supported in our actions. We personally donate much of the finances that we create to the Foundation to see it blossom. It has been a beautiful journey thus far seeing it grow up beside us. It is also humbling to work for donations, giving as one is willing and able to do so, rather than exchanging time for work that one is not interested in for money that can't buy back time. Did I mention how supported we are?

This mentality, this reality is creating a bundle of wealth for FreeEarth to invest into land; the jewel. As FreeEarth cannot be owned by individuals, this land will be held under a community of people aligned in the intention to let go of the old paradigm of fear, scarcity and ownership, and co-operate under the new reborn paradigm of custodianship, abundance and respect for the land. We do not participate in win-lose exchanges, which is really lose-lose when you zoom out. We co-create exchanges that benefit all parties involved and, utilising clear communication, negotiate life together. FreeEarth is accomplishing this goal (and more) without creating mortgage, a binding contract of debt 'til death. By investing in win-win realities, we experience exponential growth in our abundance. To read more about this movement please check out our website below: (to be updated to its private domain soon & the link will be adjusted).


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