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Initiation Preparation Week 3 (the final week!)

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

I’ve kept my day by day preparation blogs here, to have an example of what herbal medicine & plant medicine preparation can look like.

6 days to go

Community & heart connection. I created some awesome friendship catch ups today, just taking a full day out to do nothing except be present and have laughs with new kinnections. Building a community requires showing up. Community to me is an investment into Life Insurance. Spent the day trekking about this waterfall!


5 days to go

Today be feeling like this >>>>> (something I wrote 3 years ago today; life in orbit)

"I now perceive the maximum extent of my highest vibration, in and out of oscillation. I measure from my position in full fruition, such powerful recognition of self healing, self revealing, fulfilling, full-feeling. amplitude gratitude!"

A day dedicated to yoga, meditation. I feel some stress rising and passing away, but a feeling of vibrating faster than those attachments. ----------------------

4 days to go

Microdosing started today and will continue for a while now~ up to the flood, and after. :) Microdosing is a great way to begin communication with the plant, and the way it sits in your body. So actually it begins a communication with yourSelf (and then if we are really just one anyway, it's pretty much just 1 crazy person talking to themselves in the end..)

I wonder if that's why I'm feeling so fearful, scared. Fear has bubbled up to my throat and I'm just kind of sitting in this limbo place, not reacting, or is this frozen place actually a reaction? I think if I were to allow myself to react I would be tearful, I feel a sense of holding back. In which case that's not a reaction, that's the process, and this attachment to no-action is the reaction.


So I've microdosed on the wood, and felt an energy come up, and attached and reacted. In which case this is great training!

I let go of all that does not serve me, and I trust in the process of life, I trust in life itself. :) All is lesson. ---------------------- 3 days to go.

Today was a mess frankly, swallowed by a wounded headspace.

Argued. 😖

Looking for something to guide me… ? ☀️

Planted cacti. 🌵

Felt momentarily grounded.

Felt broken hearted. 💔

Played sport. ⛹️‍♀️

Cried. 😥

Got a really nice message from a friend 😊

“No end to awareness be sit with the fire” 🔥

Missing company, am gifted caring reminders to call me home.

I am grateful, and tired; these 3 weeks have already brought up so much.

My intention is clear.

Unravelling, slowly… a wounded warrior.

Transmutation starts with uncomfortability.

I find my limits through exceptional leaps into dark places. ---------------------- 2 days to go!

Oh my gosh x repeat. I am so freaking excited now!

So happy I've been eating small micro-root bark doses to get in the zone. Now I feel we have finally integrated with one another. Just took a few days of clearing the junk to get here. Hey old friend. I like this side of me, where we meet.

Today I went full bliss - Acupuncture AND Zen Thai Shiatsu with 2 super yummy full power women. Vulnerable, raw, sleepy mmmm. Feeling my Masculine energy step down a little; letting go of trying to defend me constantly from imaginary threats. Feeling the Feminine side of me rise, into no control, free flow, wyldness.

Eating high strength Cordyceps now for Malaria proofing my blood. Coconut essentially is my blood now. Pumping with endorphins from all the cardio LOVE IT (except I busted my bike tyre, why must I do things to the extreme?).

And And And I did like a 10 second handstand today, floating in the effortless upside down void (I've literally been training in my dreams, last night I did about an hour of handstands in the astral planes - I think a good use of the time personally)

Today is my day! Today if your day! Today mmmmm.

Feeling like this >>>>>


1 day to go; busy packing!

---------------------- Today is the day! Gabon here I come.

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