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The detox begins!

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Today I start my 2 month herbal medicine detoxification. Not only is this a tribute to my own health and healing journey, but a living dedication to unraveling the lost and forgotten plant knowledge.

In plants I trust.

I really benefit from having a stern plan to commit to, where my stubbornness comes to use. And stern I will be.

So here's the 101 on my virus detoxification. Keep in mind this plan has been formulated with HSV-1 (herpes simplex virus 1 - aka. cold sores) and EBV (Epstein Barr virus) specifically in mind due to my personal life story.

After 25 years of vigilance, I contracted herpes late last year in a moment of physical depleted-ness. Since then it has been wreaking havoc on my face, and I am about done with this virus already.

EBV I contracted after a trip to Bali a few years ago, surprisingly not long after my first experiences with Kambo the frog poison. After a week of 2 Kambo cleanses, and lots of physical and mental 'pushing', to return home to an epic festival where I ran a chill & dress-up zone; EBV and I bound our DNA. I experienced the meanest 2-3 day fever and developed a secondary bacterial mouth infection causing pericoronitis which stopped me from eating solids. This was the most acutely sick I have been, and my usual plethora of herbal medicine antidotes were seemingly powerless. 'Herbal Antivirals’, a great herbal medicine book by Stephen Buhner' introduced me to the power of some weeds just outside my window, and it was to the thanks of Bidens spp. and Sida rhombifolia that I hastened my recovery through chronic fatigue. However, I've had a recurring sore, dry throat every since which no medicine has yet to heal anything other than short term symptomatically. Since I am a singer, this just isn't acceptable. EBV targets the throat, so I am intrigued to see if this will disappear post-detox.

Now, I am eradicating these dormant weapons. Viruses embed themselves into our cells, tricking the body into seeing them as a part of us. They make a lot of noise when they first settle in, and lay dormant 'for-ever-more' ready to re-strike (according to allopathic medicine). That's certainly not the reality I chose to believe in. It takes a specific approach to attempt to evict them. HSV1 & EBV are enveloped viruses, so I need to destroy their protective layers, so they are defenceless against the antivirals I'll be drowning them in, all the while purging them from my system, so as to not let them re-settle. HSV1 lives in the central nervous system, at the base of the spine. EBV in the cells and lymphatic system.

I've been saying my goodbyes. Today I begin this natural medicine detox.


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