Acacia dreaming

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Ancient acacia
 Dissolving aching dystopia
 Patient acacia Pioneer of landscape, The base of creation. Wise acacia
 From the landscape of the ancients Deep within the soil symbiotic relation Mycorrhizal communication based on nutrient exchanging A neural network thats interconnected to all the cellular information ...In the end, endotheogen.

The highly developed and interwoven vienage from the Acacia obtusifolia plant speaks of its rad-ness. 
The acacia species are abundant across Australia, adapted, and transformative to their environment. For the people whom enter into relation with some of the more charming species of wattle, it’s a relationship like no other. For me, these plants while each unique in their perspective, all have a common heritage to their teachings. Acacia teaches me to make home in the wyld, in the wildēornes of my subconscious. It reminds me of the lineage of thyme, showing me how to step outside of its veneer of illusion. We dream together. I’m not alone with Acacia, and the spirit of this plant invites me to follow a light down a worm hole of truth tales.
 I managed to harvest some wattle flowers in full bloom from a particularly powerful Acacia obtusifolia collection growing in South East QLD. In the burning Australia sun I captured the solar prana from it’s flowers into water, to experiment with a flower essence. 'Not a dream, but inseparable from the mind that dreams it.' I have since fallen completely in love with this plant in a new way (and since it's one of our most popular products, a few of you have too it seems!). My adoration & appreciation has jumped up to the next level since working with the essence of this obtusi wattle bloom. Now I can journey with the plant while I’m clocked off in bed. Not a bad use of the time me thinks. I find this plant works best through the dream state, where it’s communication style shines. I am quite in touch with my dreaming, and can perceive subtle changes in state, lucid dream often, and journal regularly to track the tricks & hacks of the matrix. When I am becoming slightly foggy in my dream recall this is one time I call upon the Acacia obtusifolia to reawaken me. I find within 2 nights of infusing our spirits, I’m back to full blown imagery and most noticeably a recurring theme of suppressed trauma coming to the surface for a looksy. My theory is that the acacia unleashes the deep subconscious which is most noticeably able to interact with the conscious in the already surrendered state of dreaming. Rather than processing the mundane every day grind, Acacia obtusifolia digs a little deeper, and with the tool of your awareness & conscious accompaniment, it works with you to draw the dots between then and now. The obtusi style seems to show me successions of memories overlayed on mystical settings in a back to back dream hopping. There remains a common thread between the plots & characters designed to trigger my triggers, often flashing back to present reality to show how today is really a shadow of yesterday. The intention of this plant seems to be that of liberation from the past, with an eery alien like welcoming to the real deal.

 My general response to this plant goes something like this: "Ok,I’m listening. Does it get any clearer?
" HOW I USE THE FLOWER ESSENCE: - I use a dropperful (7 drops) per night before bed, holding it under my tongue, and clearing my mind. - Going to sleep consciously is key to maintaining one stream of consciousness between waking, dreaming & a return to waking states. - Tuning into the subtleties is where it's at - Immediately reflecting on every detail upon waking helps to solidify the memory, writing or voice recording is also a great option as the messages unravel in the day and week to come. If you're interested in this product you can check it out and buy it here :)

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