The flowers that cause vertigo, the beautiful narcotic flowers

The water nymph, a feminist. Nypmphaea stands for gender fluidity & equality Enter the somatic drift It thrives in community Yet is dictated by no individual authority Catch the echo of its threat signals pass as hormones through the roots Communication strengthens the lily neighbourhood If kept wyld at heart, the lily is a co-species activist This gender-neutral or gender-fluid entity self reproduces Query queerish vitalism She relies not on patriarchy, he relies not on matriarchy One day she is female, one day he is male, all-ways whole & wholesome Sexually agile & adaptive, sexually capable & confident There is movement & tone to the intricacies of the sexual organs Highly receptive Moving across the water-terra, flowers capable of mobility There is age-old movement in foot, en-root Grounded & fluid, rooted & mobile Thousand year old cells; cloning, passing on So otherworldly, that it becomes profoundly earthly Something hidden in plain view What does the water nymph have to teach you?

+ Community & communication (interkinnection) + Gender fluidity (untamed, unashamed) + Sexual & sensual movement (awaken taste & pleasure) + Heart opening (process grief & allow bliss) + Adapt & move towards multiple options of change + Ethereal remembrance

#waterlily #ethnobotany #wyldforaging